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SRE Engineer

Netherlands, Noord-Holland, AmsterdamTechnology

Job description

The role

You’ll work closely with your fellow backend engineers and engineering manager(s) to make sure our services are meeting company SLA’s. You’ll help with building out the required infrastructure to make sure that teams can easily implement their SLO’s and SLI’s. You’ll also work on automated tooling to make sure that potential problems are easily dealt with. You will work on procedures to make sure that teams follow best practices when it comes to making sure that their services run reliably.

We value a balance between strong software craftsmanship and agility and ability to deliver. What makes us pretty unique is the fact that we created teams around features rather than functions. We create independence through an event driven architecture and empower success through cross functional teams. The teams are quite independent and we use different technologies per team. This means that you get the freedom to experiment with new technologies depending on the team you are in.

Job requirements

At ELEVEN we're committed to hiring the person who we believe is the strongest candidate for the position. However, research indicates that women frequently only apply for roles where they believe they satisfy 100% of the role requirements. We don't want anyone to feel discouraged in applying for any of our vacancies, so if you believe you meet 60% or more of the criteria, we definitely encourage you to apply.

What you’ll do

  • Design and implement an SRE strategy from scratch

  • Assist teams to implement this SRE strategy, your role means you will work with every engineering team in our engineering organization.

  • Managing instrumentation tools, including automating deployments and creating custom tools when necessary.

  • Help teams organize a successful approach to monitoring and alerting

  • Write automated SLA reports that can be used to inform stakeholders

  • Help guide teams to conduct meaningful post-incident reviews / root-cause analysis sessions

  • Documenting best practices and infrastructure. Needs to be kept up-to-date as much as possible to reflect any changes.

What you need to succeed

  • Experience with software development (regardless of language)

  • Experience with implementing SRE principles in an organization

  • Experience with using Kubernetes in production

  • Knowledge about Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery platforms such as CircleCI

  • Experience with using Terraform

  • Knowledge of (Cloud) networking such as implementing secure and observable networks.

  • Experience with observability tools such as Grafana, Stackdriver, Prometheus etc

  • Experience with Cloud providers such as Google Cloud and AWS

  • Strong communication skills

What we offer

  • 25 holidays + flexibility over your bank holidays. If you want to work on Netherlands public holidays and use them another time, that’s fine

  • Working with one of the most exciting tech stacks in the business

  • Be part of a company fundamentally transforming the live streaming landscape in sports and beyond on a global scale

  • Flexibility where you work


ELEVEN is a global network of LIVE and non-live sport and entertainment content – from the world’s biggest sports events to the best longtail sport, to award-winning original programming.

The state of the art technology available via our newly launched global sports platform (previously, which allows anyone to stream from a device as simple as a mobile phone, revolutionised football broadcasting. Our crazy idea to transform every single match into a live broadcast became the world's largest live football streaming platform. With an initial focus on niche-premium and longtail sports, our ambitions are now even bigger.

In 2020 we also delivered our newest product, MyCujoo Live Services (MCLS), a highly scalable live streaming solution built on the tech stack powering Developed for rights owners in sports and beyond, MCLS equips content creators with the technology and tools to provide their fans with the most powerful, authentic, and engaging live streaming experiences.